Where’s Santa? Follow him live as he makes his deliveries this Christmas


In less than 24 hours, Santa will gather his reindeer, attach them to his slay and take to the sky to deliver presents to good folk all over the world — and thanks to Google and Microsoft, you can keep track of his journey in real-time.

Google’s Santa Tracker is a regular world map skinned with a ton of additional Santa-specific travel information, including his distance from you, how many gifts he’s delivered and where he’s headed next.

Santa Tracker can be accessed in Search, its standalone application for Android/iOS and on its dedicated website. Ever been to a tech festival?

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Microsoft’s offering, on the other hand, is a lot more interactive and lets you follow Santa’s journey on a 3D map. As you’d expect, it also provides you with a slew of exciting details about his voyage.

NORAD can be viewed via its standalone application for Android/iOS and on its dedicated website.

It’s unclear which tracker is more accurate, so you’ll have to opt for the one that tickles your fancy visually. Personally, if I were to choose, I’d opt for the latter as I feel it’s a lot more engaging for younger children.

Be sure to let us know what one you’re using in the comments section below.

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