Tinder ‘Stacks’ makes swiping a group effort


Tinder today launched a new app, ‘Stacks,’ that brings the power of the swipe to Apple’s mobile devices. Tinder Stacks allows you to use the familiar swipe left/right interaction to poll your friends on what photo should be your new profile picture, or what outfit to wear on tonight’s date.

In fact, just about anything is swipe-able in the new app. ‘App,’ however, might be a misnomer. It’s not a standalone app, but an addition to Apple’s newly-opened ‘Messages’ platform. If you have Tinder installed, the application is automatically available through Messages, assuming you haven’t turned off the ‘Automatically Add Apps’ feature from the ‘Manage’ tab.

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To use Stacks, you simply select a group of photos by selecting them in the app’s interface. Once done, this creates a card stack, similar to what you’d see on the proper Tinder app. From here, you can send the Stack to friends where they’ll be met with a familiar Tinder-like interface to swipe left or right on the options.

Social polling is hot among millennial-driven apps these days, and Tinder’s addition should prove to be a popular one.

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