These are the 72 new emoji in iOS 10


iOS 10.0.1 drops today, and included are over 70 new emoji. Among them are highly-anticipated additions — like the rainbow flag of the LGBT community — and, well, not much else. The life-like emoji are a nice touch, as are the multiple skin tones, but some of the additions are just plain head-scratching.

Head massage anyone?

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How about a woman wearing a large fur hat?

Or, you know, just a dude walking.

This might be the point where my age starts showing, but I think more isn’t necessarily better — at least as it pertains to emoji. Adding new ones that I really can’t picture using definitely isn’t doing us any favors. But hey, maybe one day — when conversation is entirely emoji-based — I’ll be happy we have so many options. Until then, get off my lawn.

Oh, and check out the other 72 and let us know your favorite — or least favorite.

Apple iOS 10.0 on Emojipedia

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