Spotify’s new Kids section uses music to encourage language development and parental bonding


Spotify today introduces a new Kids category that aims to help parents and their children bond over music, and encourage kids to develop their language skills with in-app prompts.

The Kids & Family category now offers a variety of playlists for everyday activities, such as bathtime, bedtime, playtime, going for a car ride, and more. Each playlist has an age recommendation for parents to determine which is most suitable for their child.

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The Playtime playlist, for example, features dance-y songs like “Everything is Awesome” by Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island, and “Kung Fu Fighting” by Ceelo Green and Jack Black. Spotify hopes this will encourage parent and kids to use music to play together, providing a soundtrack to their daily activities.

According to TechCrunch, there will also be voice prompts between songs to ask questions like what the next song should be, or suggest an activity such as making up a dance and talk back and forth to encourage toddlers to learn to speak and have conversations. The company worked with various celebrities for the voiceover narrations, such as Fantasia, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler Perry, and Busy Philipps.

In addition to activity-specific playlists, there are also ones designed around moods or musical genre just like in the regular version of Spotify.

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The new Kids & Family category is available now on Spotify in English and Spanish.

on TechCrunch

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