Launch now offers ad-free inboxes and 5 personalized email addresses for a price


If you’re a rebel that likes to color outside the lines and use email services that aren’t Gmail, you might want to check out’s Premium offering, whose public preview is now available.

$20 will snag you a year’s worth of the service, which removes ads from your inbox and grants you five personalized email addresses with a custom domain, like

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It’s worth noting that this is the current promotional price; Premium will soon switch to its regular subscription fee of $50 a year, and that will apply to users who sign up now for the custom domain as well when the plan auto-renews after a year.

Is it worth it? It depends on how badly you need personalized email addresses that are easy to set up. For comparison, Google’s G Suite, which offers custom addresses and the whole gamut of allied tools like calendars, video and voice calls and productivity apps, costs $5 per user per month. Oh, and Microsoft’s offering is currently only available to customers in the US.

If Premium sounds like what you’ve been looking for, you can sign up now and grab the $20 introductory offer on this page.

Via ZDNet Premium

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