Nvidia will soon let you stream graphics-intensive games to your crappy desktop


At this year’s CES, Nvidia took to the stage to announce the revamp of its Geforce Now game streaming service.

While it previously only beamed PC games to the Android-based Nvidia Shield TV that connects to your TV, the Geforce Now will begin streaming games to Windows and Mac desktops beginning in March. The service will cost $25 for 20 hours of gameplay.

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That’s huge for the vast number of people who want to play graphics-intensive games but don’t have the latest hardware required to run them – myself included. Nvidia estimates that there are about one billion poor sods like me, who are stuck with low-powered integrated GPUs.

I’d certainly be interested in giving this service a go, but it remains to be seen just how good an experience Nvidia can provide while relying heavily on a fast and stable internet connection to stream games.

Credit: Nvidia / Twitter

Of course, I’m already concerned about the amount of bandwidth this might consume, as well as whether the pricing will make sense. Recent AAA games like Doom and Dishonored 2 can take about 10+ hours to complete – and that’s not counting all the side missions and extra quests.

Still, it sounds like it’ll beat having to splurge on a powerful gaming rig and upgrading every so often. Nvidia’s presentation slide listing games that’ll be available on Geforce Now included Arma III, Astroneer, Dark Souls III, Fallout 4, Planet Coaster, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Rocket League, so it already seems like a treat with something for everyone.

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