Google’s latest doodle will help you find your nearest polling place


Two days. There’s just two anxious, nailbiting days until America heads to the polls. It’s safe to say that there’s a lot riding on the outcome of this election. No matter where you sit on the political fence, it’s important that you cast your ballot.

Google’s latest Doodle hopes to make this a little bit easier. Now, when you click it, it’ll let you find your nearest polling place. You just have to put in your address, and then it’ll tell you where to go, along with opening hours.

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It will also tell you the requirements for voting, as well as who is on the ballot. It’s not just for the general election, either. This will provide you the details of any local or state elections, as well as referendums that are taking place.

And when the polls close, Google will show you real-time results as they arrive. These will be available in 30 different languages.

Will Clinton win? Or will Trump manage to score an unlikely victory? Google will let you know.

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