Facebook released its annual year in review videos and they’re driving people crazy


Another year, another lame review video.

I’ll admit it, I check my Facebook first thing in the morning. It usually leads to quite a few interesting tidbits I’ve missed while sleeping. Today however, I was greeted with a very sad year in review video.

Europe, are you ready?

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At first, I thought I was being too harsh – perhaps my life isn’t all that interesting. But it seems I’m not the only one disillusioned by the curated content:

You’d think with all the information Facebook has on us that they could make more compelling year in review videos.

— Lucas Sachs (@LucasOSachs) December 8, 2016

Dear Facebook,
I would rather cut off my own arm than watch my 2016 year in review.

— Shay Bradley (@lindseyshayy) December 8, 2016

Facebook now hits you right in the face with your year in review in the event you want to spend 5 minutes being upset

— Simon Cowfunkel Esq. (@deadphishesq) December 8, 2016

No thanks Facebook, I don't need to see my year in review. I already know what a dumpster fire looks like.

— Adeline Levescot (@ads_infinitum) December 7, 2016

If I see one more "#yearinreview" on Facebook I'm gunna throw my phone out the window

— Gavin (@GNeigh) December 8, 2016

Thanks but nah #Facebook . 👋 - @radiolindsey #yearinreview #2016 pic.twitter.com/ryQw7mDneX

— ALT 101.9 (@alt1019) December 8, 2016

Guess it could be worse… as least it’s finally not reminding me of all my exes.

The Facebook #yearinreview is like a look back with all the people I’ve had disappointing sex with over the past year or so.

— digital animal (@samwhatislife) December 7, 2016

If you’re one of the (very) few people who enjoy being emotionally pummelled, here’s an easy way to get your own video: Go to facebook.com.yearinreview. You’ll be presented with images and videos you posted throughout the year before selecting the ones you want to add to your Year in Review video.

But please heed this friendly reminder:

Getting a jump on this: No one gives a shit about your “Year in Review” Facebook video. Honestly, even you don’t care about yours.

— Andy Lauwasser (@ALauwasser) December 8, 2016

In addition to the mundane reminders, Facebook also compiled the top 10 trending topics around the world:

US Presidential Election Brazilian Politics Pokémon Go Black Lives Matter Rodrigo Duterte & Philippine Presidential Election Olympics Brexit Super Bowl David Bowie Muhammad Ali

Not sure if the blasé attitude about police brutality is more infuriating or that Prince isn’t on that list…

Facebook released top 10 topics for 2016… Prince didn’t make the list. 2017 can’t come soon enough. #yearinreview pic.twitter.com/WKHGOPiJok

— Lauren Gilmore (@lgilm0re) December 8, 2016

One thing’s for sure, the dumpster-fire that is 2016 can’t end soon enough:

Dear #Facebook: Please suspend your “#YearInReview” feature for 2016. No one wants to relive this festering dung heap. Sincerely, #humanity.

— Tweeter of Souls (@tosranorm) December 8, 2016


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