Dog Parker is a high-tech parking spot… for your dog


Dog Parker just made owning a dog just got a little easier.

The company aims to do just what its name describes: provide a parking spot for your dogs. Dog Parker’s parking spots offer internet connectivity that — when paired with the app — allows you to check in on your dog via webcam, as well as lock or unlock the spot to ensure your pet’s safety. They’re also climate controlled and auto-sanitizing.

In walk-friendly cities like New York, owning a dog can be a nightmare. Since most of its residents don’t own a car, they hoof it. If this sounds ideal for a dog owner, you’re forgetting one key factoid — dogs aren’t really allowed inside anywhere. This presents a unique problem with two solutions, neither of them good:

Chain your dog outside, and hope someone doesn’t steal it — or — Leave your dog at home.

The latter would necessitate walking to do your errands, go to work, grab some dinner, meet with friends, and then coming home to walk your dog. Even New Yorker’s don’t like to walk that much.

With Dog Parker, Brooklynites can now reserve a spot at a specified time (or now, if it’s available) to drop the pooch off in front of their favorite grocery store, coffee shop, or restaurant. Once inside, the dog can rest comfortably while you complete your errands — or grab a bite to eat.

Currently, the program is in beta and has in nine locations across Brooklyn. This week will see the roll out of 100 more units.

Users pay $25 a year for the subscription and $0.20 a minute for the service. You can sign up at the Dog Parker website.

via TechCrunch

A Safe Place to House Your Dog on Dog Parker

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