Apple plans to unveil the 2016 MacBook Pro at October 27 event


Apple’s rumored October event was on shaky ground. It’s the middle of the month, and the press still hadn’t received invitations, nor had anything been formally announced. According to Recode’s sources, we can all rest at ease; the event is October 27.

After waiting what seems like a lifetime for even a marginal update to the MacBook Pro line, it seems the time is finally upon us.

A new era of tech events has begun

We’re back in New York this November for the 4th edition of our growth-focused technology event.

If rumors are true to form, we may see an entirely refreshed look for the laptop line, including a dynamic OLED bar atop the keyboard that changes key functions according to what application you’re using. Reports suggest the Pro line could also include support for Touch ID, USB-C, and an upgrade to Thunderbolt 3. The graphics card should see a refresh as well, bringing pros back to the ‘Pro’ lineup. It’s rumored to be vastly superior to previous models and aimed at gamers and professionals who need the extra horsepower.

We’ve also seen rumors of Apple ditching the USB port, the unceremonious slaughter of the 11-inch model, and a refreshed MacBook Air. But again, these are rumors and Apple isn’t exactly jumping to confirm them.

Apple plans to launch new Macs at an October 27 event on Recode

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