40 of the best Android apps of 2016


Customization CSBW

The Google search bar that’s included with most launchers is usually a one-trick pony. CSBW lets you swap it out for a more powerful tool that can search a range of sources, including YouTube, Dropbox, Amazon, and even DuckDuckGo.

In addition, you can customize the look of the search widget extensively, choosing from a selection of themes or opting for the official Pixel Launcher-style widget that combines a button and a date display.



Google’s own wallpaper app is rather basic, but offers one of the best collections of images spanning satellite photos, landscapes, cityscapes and textures. It also has a ‘Daily Wallpaper’ feature that rotates backgrounds on your home screen with selections from any category of your choice.

➤ Wallpaper

Fingerprint Gestures

If you’re rocking Android 6.0 or newer, you’ll certainly want to give this app a try. It turns your fingerprint sensor into an additional customizable input, requiring you to simply swipe across it when your phone is unlocked.

You can launch apps, toggle the ringer mode, play/pause music, and more. My favorite gesture action is scrolling up and down – but this only works on rooted devices.

➤ Fingerprint Gestures

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